February 24, 2022

Dear Brothers,

Below is a WhatsApp message that I received from Peter Welk concerning the situation in Ukraine. Peter said he will send updates as he receives them. Please inform the churches and the saints for their prayer.

May the Lord exercise His sovereign authority and His wisdom to preserve and build up His testimony in Ukraine.


Many of the saints have escaped to the West. As they were driving West they contacted the Russian army coming down from Belarus. Also many Ukrainian tanks are on the East-West highway going to Kiev where there surely will be heavy fighting. We have a conference center in a small village in West Ukraine that can give hospitality to 500 saints. We are inviting all the saints in Ukraine that if they are in a dangerous situation, they’re welcome to come to this village where the saints will be cared for and will be able to meet together daily to pray. No one has been hurt but several cities have been completely taken over where there are saints, like Melitopol, Mariupol. Other cities where there is fighting and where there are churches is Odessa, Ismael, Sumi, Harkov, just to name a few.