March 24, 2022

Dear Brothers,

Please see the update from a brother in Ukraine concerning the situation in the city where he resides. Please ask the saints to pray in ascension that the heavens will rule over the whole situation, that the tripartite being of the saints who are still in Ukraine will be protected and preserved, that these saints will enjoy the bountiful supply of the Spirit of Jesus Christ, and that their daily necessities will be supplied.



From a brother in Chernigov, Ukraine

To all dear praying brothers and sisters, an update from the saints in Chernihiv 03.23.2022.

This night the only remaining bridge that connects Chernihiv with a road to Kyiv was hit and destroyed by a bomb, cutting off the way of supply by car to Chernihiv and the way of evacuation. 

As of now approximately 20 saints remain in the city, and 5 saints have moved to villages around the city. The city of Chernihiv is under full control of Ukrainian forces, and the villages around the city are controlled by Russian forces. The outskirts of the city are under constant heavy shelling and have been partially destroyed.

Our two-story building, which was used as a meeting hall and a warehouse for Bibles and is partly rented to others, is damaged. It was not hit directly, but almost all the windows are broken, and some doors were damaged by a blast wave.

We can still buy food in the city, but only with cash and by waiting two hours in line. We need to wait the same amount of time to get some water. For 13 days the whole city has been without electricity, heating, and water supply. It is especially hard to find medicine and medical care.

We totally rely on the Lord in caring for our needs. Our prayer is still for the Lord’s will to be done and God’s enemy to be put to shame. 

We are thankful for all the prayers of the Body.