Overcomers in the church – Helen, We are in the Body – Linda

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The brothers and sisters gathered to read the book, The Glorious Church, by Watchman Nee. There was much fellowship after reading each chapter, especially after chapter 4. Here is what a couple of sisters had to share.


I’m always scared about being an overcomer; I have a lot to learn. I really need the Body. I sometimes ask, “Why does God not just, at the flick of a finger, terminate Satan?” Then I realize, well, He wants the church to do it. At the same time, I am encouraged that we are not alone; we have all brothers and sisters. Together, with the blessing from all, we can do it, we can cast out the demons.


I agree with what everybody has shared, that we have to be together, not lose any chance to be in the fellowship, and give ourselves to the Lord, be willing to be His Body. Praise the Lord, we are in the Body. The difference between us and Job, we are living in the New Testament and have God’s revelation now, and we see that the Lord has His purpose in us. We have to turn to Him, follow Him, and we are not afraid of demons or of any negative things. God is light, He always shines on us. His peace, love, and righteousness, we just need Himself to be our everything.