March 1, 2022

Dear Brothers,

Please see below an update on Ukraine for the prayer of the churches and the saints.


Update #2 

Dear brothers and sisters,

In Revelation 1:9: the apostle John referred to himself as “your brother and fellow partaker in the tribulation and kingdom and endurance in Jesus.”

The saints in Ukraine continue to experience much tribulation. They are constantly traumatized by automatic gunfire and explosions. The daily news reports of air raids and the approach of armored columns of heavy artillery give rise to much fear and anxiety. However, whenever the saints gather to exercise their spirit to pray, to sing, and to praise the Lord, they testify that they are immediately supplied with the Lord’s inward grace, comfort, and peace, which nullify the fears and the sense of anxiety. They are experiencing the peace of God guarding their hearts and thoughts in Christ Jesus (Phil. 4:7). Peace is prevailing. 

Perhaps there has never been another time in history when the Lord has gained a group of people who understand His interests and are able to ascend above the physical realm of countries and nationalities and touch the unseen spiritual realm, where the real battle is taking place. Their prayers are powerful and effective. 

We were sent the following prayer from a sister, which is a very good example of praying according to God’s interests: 

“Triune God, release today, while it is today, Your prayers on the earth in your beloved saints, wherever they are. You alone are the mercy and the grace for the prayer. We declare by faith that You are maturing Your Bride in these hours. Thank You that we can join You and the churches…Lord, we agree and ask for Your outpoured renewing to keep and hold our prayers in Your economy. Thank You for the prayers coming from the saints to guide us into all the reality to bind what You have bound and loose what You have loosed. Gain the living in and with Yourself as the Divine Trinity.” 

There are a number of brothers on the field of battle. Last night they messaged that they are very cold. One brother is an officer on the front line. He has not slept in a week but testified to us that he is empowered and strengthened by the Lord and can sense the support and covering of the prayers of the saints. He testified that not only he but even the unbelievers in his brigade realize that something is supporting them and guarding them. This is the Lord’s care and supply for the saints. 

The Chinese-speaking saints were able to cross the Polish border yesterday, and they are now in Warsaw. Many saints will be crossing tomorrow. The brothers and the churches in Poland and Slovakia are meeting the saints and taking care of all their needs.

The serving ones in Ukraine