Christians began meeting as the local church in Salt Lake City in 1986
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Volunteering with Bibles for America

 “Bibles for America is a tax-exempt, nonprofit organization dedicated to the spread and understanding of the Word of God. It was established in 2000 after much prayer and fellowship among a small group of Christian believers in southern California. BfA's stated mission is to distribute to the public complimentary copies of the groundbreaking New Testament Recovery Version study Bible.” (from

A number of those meeting with the church in Salt Lake City have become volunteers for Bibles for America working with BfA to distribute the Recovery Version study Bible. They have gone door-to-door in neighborhoods leaving flyers, handed invitations to those in the community they meet, distributed brochures on campuses, and distributed the Recovery Version study Bible directly to those they meet.

BfA volunteers in Salt Lake City began to distribute invitations in February of 2001. Since then thousands of flyers and brochures have gone out in Utah with over 1,800 Bibles distributed to 167 different zip codes throughout the state. As of June 2004 BfA had passed out over four million invitations offering a free Recovery Version across the country. They have sent out over 240,000 New Testament study Bibles. Often the encouraging response of appreciative Bible recipients is, “The Recovery Version helps me understand the Bible!” Bibles for America has a mission to offer a free Recovery Version study Bible to every home in America. The volunteers in Utah have the same mission, to offer a complimentary Recovery Version study Bible to every home in the Utah.

Additional Free Literature...

In the summer of 2004 BfA will begin to send additional free literature to help people read and understand the Bible. This will include a new booklet "Using the Recovery Version" enhancing the use and appreciation of the features of the Recovery Version. BfA will also offer a series of books on living a vital Christian life including titles such as: Basic Elements of the Christian Life (three volumes), The All-Inclusive Christ, The Economy of God, The Knowledge of Life, and The Glorious Church.

Within "Basic Elements of the Christian Life" are a series of articles or booklets such as "The Mystery of Human Life," "The Assurance, Security, and Joy of Salvation," and "The Precious Blood of Christ." The Mystery of Human Life addresses the purpose of man's existence which is found in God's economy, His plan. Four keys are presented to unlock this mystery. The first key is God's creation of man as a vessel to contain God for His expression and representation. The second key is man's fall, damaging the vessel. In the third key Christ restores the vessel through His death. God gradually carries out His dispensing, the fourth key, into His redeemed vessels throughout their entire life to accomplish His plan. This booklet concludes with the way to know the mystery subjectively by entering into God's plan.

A new believer may have the experience of questioning the genuineness of their salvation. "The Assurance, Security, and Joy of Salvation" addresses such questions. There are at least three bases for the believer to know with assurance they are saved. God's word in the Bible, the witness of the Holy Spirit within, and the love that they have toward the other believers all testify to the assurance of salvation. The security of our salvation has an immovable foundation. Initiated by God in his choosing and marking us out from eternity past and carried out with His eternal love and grace, our salvation has His righteousness, as its base. Righteousness is the foundation of God's throne. Our salvation is as secure and irreversible as God is strong and unchanging. As a child cannot be unborn, the believer cannot be un-regenerated. The Lord's unconditional promise in His word assures us that He will never cast us out, give us up, or abandon us. God's intention is that we not only have Christ but enjoy Him to the uttermost. It is possible for the believer to loose their joy because of sin or behaving contrary to this living person within. But we can maintain our joy by confessing our sins, taking God's word as our food, opening our heart speaking out to the Lord, and being together in the fellowship of others who love and enjoy Christ.

The Christian life requires certain basic elements one of which is "The Pecious Blood of Christ". The application of Christ's blood is necessary because in our experience we often feel 1) separation toward God, 2) guilt within, and 3) accusation from Satan. These can only be overcome by the blood of Christ. First God is more concerned with the believer's separation from Him caused by the sin than the sin itself. The application of His effective blood not only brings in His forgiveness and cleansing but closes the gap between us and God ushering us into His presence. Secondly, within the believer is a heavy load of guilt. The guilt we feel is the stain of our sins on our conscience. Only the blood of Christ is powerful enough to purge our conscience from every guilty stain. Wherever we are at any time, if we sense guilt in our conscience, we can claim the precious blood of Christ which solves the problem of guilt. Finally Though God has forgiven us and cleansed us from sin, Satan, the "accuser", often carries on His baseless accusation. Accusation is crippling. If we listen to Satan's accusation we become powerless. Rather than remaining under his accusation, by the precious blood of Christ, we have the ground to reject the false feelings and point Satan to the forgiving and cleansing effectiveness of Christ's blood. This is the word of the testimony of the overcoming believers who overcome the accusation of Satan by the blood of the Lamb and the word of their testimony (Revelation 12:10-11).

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