Christians began meeting as the local church in Salt Lake City in 1986
NOTE: We are no longer meeting at the house in West Valley City. 

Church members participated in Bibles for America Salt Lake City Tour...

During the winter Olympics of 2002 the church in Salt Lake City was honored to provide hospitality and logistics support to the many Bibles for America volunteers who came from churches around the country to cooperate with the Lord in distributing a free New Testament study Bible. The study bible that Bibles for America distributes is called the Recovery version. This fresh English translation from the original Greek contains many valuable study aids including outlines of each book, over 9000 footnotes and over 13,000 cross-references.

Prior to the start of the Olympics, an advanced team of volunteers visited the city to get a feel for the layout of various venues and to plan for the approach for distribution during the Olympics. We enjoyed our time of fellowship and prayer with them acting as tour guides around the city. Eventually, the team concluded that nearly every visitor to the Olympics was likely to visit the Olympic Square in the downtown area at least once during their time here so their efforts focused on that area.

Bibles for America brought with them a large, modern motor home which has effectively been a mobile billboard announcing their presence as they have visited many college campuses and public events across the country. Following 9/11 BfA commenced Word of Truth U.S.A., a tour across America with the motor home to offer the Recovery Version study Bible to many who’ve had their hearts opened to God’s word. Beginning from Irvine, California, the BfA volunteers experienced a tremendous response as the mobile home made it’s way across the country in city after city. It went to New York City where the team spent time with the volunteers from the churches in that area at ground zero offering His word to many who were working their way through the trauma and grief of the loss. The mobile home went south along the east coast and made it’s way back to southern California and to the Rose Bowl before setting out again, this time for the Salt Lake City Tour. Anticipating heavy traffic and limited parking during the Olympics, the team decided to identify a fixed location for the mobile home for the duration of the event. The Lord identified and brought about an arrangement with a private parking facility giving the motor home a prominent broad sided face to a major thoroughfare.

As the Bibles for America Salt Lake City Tour commenced the core team pioneered the way that volunteers from churches around the country would follow as they lifted up the Lord’s word to the public. Using the motor home as a base, teams of volunteers fanned out around the downtown area to offer the Recovery Version study Bible to the public. Unlike the often very positive response which BfA volunteers experienced on college campuses, many people with their face set toward the event which was on their heart paid little attention to the unassuming people holding out an invitation or standing by a display of study Bibles. However, hour-by-hour and day-by-day, those whom the Lord had prepared opened to receive a brochure, a wallet card invitation, or stopped to receive a Recovery Version study Bible.

Though the weather was often quite cold and many in the crowds rejected the volunteers, there was an underlying supply of the Spirit that sustained them. This supply, no doubt was coming through the prayer of the members of the Lord's Body. Quite often, other believers would stop at the table and bless the volunteers. One brother, after receiving a Recovery Version, shook the volunteers hand and held it firmly as he prayed strongly for the Lord's blessing on the volunteers and the study Bible distribution.

Eventually, tens of thousands of invitations went out resulting in thousands of Recovery Version study Bibles being distributed to visitors from all over the United States and around the world. A good number of these Bibles went to Utah residents. Time will show how the Lord will use these many seeds to carry out His interest over the earth and here in Utah. The volunteers in Utah were refreshed and feel quite blessed by the Lord to have participated with Him in this effort.